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Poliresina Cocinero Estatuas,Restaurante Decoración,Estatuas de tamaño Lesife,juego de decoración de la habitación

Funny Bistro Buddies Chefs,Polyresin chef Statues,Germany chef statues,Kitchen chef decor statues

Unique collectable for your kitchen or dinning room.
These collectables are hand painted done in poly resin material.

These high quality humorous characters are made from PolyResin that looks and feels like real Porcelain. Each is individually painted to enhance their authentic and realistic appearance. They are designed for display or regular use. These are great 'conversation' pieces for display in any home or office or they can be used to enhance your specialty decor.

Imagine having a seven-foot chef standing outside your restaurant door or in the lobby to welcome your guests. Thanks to S&Y Handicrafts Factory Whimsical decor you can afford to "hire" one that never complains and will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With dozens of statues to choose from, there's the perfect looking chef, baker, server or maitre'd for your operation.
Choose from table-top sized statues or six to seven feet tall figures. Do you have a theme? Chances are there's a statue to fit your decor. There's Elvis, pirates, a Betty Boop Waitress even a giant ice-cream man, six-foot hot dog or fries which are all super realistic and sure to leave a lasting impression. There are also holiday-themed statues such as giant Santa's. These sturdy resin statues can be placed outside and will weather well.


  • Kitchen Counter Fun
  • Hand Painted
  • Fiberglass Resin
  • Kitchen Counter Or Bar Top
  • Polyresin chef figurine
  • glossy finish to make it look real
  • unique design
  • Size:42cm
  • It is ok to produce according with customer's designs