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Game room decorating is a time to really let your hair down. This room is meant for fun right? It should be a place where it’s okay to make a mess and not have to worry about staining the carpet. It creates a fantastic opportunity to be trendy or theme based. At my house we love old movies. In the past we’ve hung posters from our favorite movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and It’s a Wonderful Life. I found an old drive-in movie speaker and a film reel on ebay. I used them as interesting wall décor when I was game room decorating. Recreation rooms are excellent places to display memorabilia and collections.

First things first. Decide on a paint color combination before you start your game room decorating. What colors pop into your head when you think of fun? What about black and white with accents of bright red, blue, yellow and green? Wow, now that I think about it my color scheme sounds a lot like a Monopoly board game. Do you have a favorite board game? Use that as your inspiration for a color scheme. You could even use the colors of your favorite sports team. Paint the walls a neutral color say maybe from the beige family and then use the brighter colors for accents in pillows, rugs or curtains. Instead of paint you may want to give chalkboard paint a try instead. Chalkboard paint is so nifty and comes in black or green. Imagine shoving the children in the game room when company comes and telling them to please write on the walls!

Flooring is the next issue you’ll need to tackle. Game rooms tend to be in the basement with a concrete floor which ends up being rather cold and uninteresting. The good news is you can dress it up with a faux finish for a concrete floor. And better yet, it’s super easy to clean. You can also throw down some playful rugs to warm up your toes and add color. If you have carpet that is just unbearable and lack the funds to replace it, try painting it. Yes, you read it right! Paint it! However, I must warn you, there is no going back. This idea is for carpet that really cannot be saved and the next stop for it is the city dump. Mix one part latex paint to two parts paint conditioner. Paint conditioner helps the paint to dry slower and even out a bit. First try this on a scrap of carpet to see if you can live with the results. Then apply the solution to the carpet with a roller and brush. After a 2’x2’ section, rub the carpet gently to help the paint to sink in and to loosen the carpet fibers from each other. You’ll find that the carpet will take several days to dry. The result will be pleasing to the eye, but may not be as soft as it once was.


Scout around a salvage yard for old car seats and benches. They make great seating solutions for game room decorating.

Of course you’ll likely want the dart board and pool table. What do you need to know before buying a pool table? Good question! This is a pricy investment so you want the best possible results. As a general rule, you’ll need five inches of billiard light for every foot of pool table. If you use a light that’s too small, it will leave a dark ring around the table. Not good if you’re an amateur like me! You’ll also need to make sure there is enough space around the table to comfortably shoot. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to contortion yourself into an extremely unnatural position just to hit the ball! Foosball tables are fun too! Get factory direct pricing on a huge selection of game tables. Find pool tables, air hockey, foosball, and more. Old arcade games are priceless if you can get your hands on one. Jukeboxes do wonders for the atmosphere when game room decorating, especially if your theme is the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Wall décor is something else to think about. You’ll need several items that make a bold statement. Too many knick knacks run the risk of getting knocked off the wall and broken. You can create lightweight shelving to hold pool cues or ping pong paddles. To do this, take inexpensive boards from board games and fold into an L shape. Attach to the walls with screws and set on L-shaped shelving brackets that have been attached to the wall. Another game room decorating idea is to take a stack of playing cards and thumb tack them onto the wall in an interesting design.

The lighting is also important, especially if your game room is in a basement with little or no natural light. Wall sconceslighten up a dark stairway. Lamps tend to get tipped over easily so take advantage of existing lights wherever possible or install new ones yourself.

Another good game room decorating idea is to use a giant sheet of cork board for displaying photographs and drawings. I love to show people photographs of my vacations or adorable pictures of my kids. This is a less intimidating way to show people. They won’t feel chained to your mile high stack of photo albums. Your guests will actually linger and comment on each one! Attach the cork board to the wall with liquid nails. Then nail decorative baseboard trim around it. Game room decorating can be lots of fun. Best of all it’s a room that you’ll likely get to have lots of fun in!