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Home > How to Decorate a Game Room With a Pool Table
Pool tables are large and bulky, often becoming the focus of the room. Decorate around the pool table in your game room with decor that complements the color or wood tones of the table, or use a pool table theme for other items in the room to tie it all together. Your game room can take on a formal club ambiance, laid-back pool hall vibe or somewhere in between. Instructions 1 Paint the walls in a color that complements the pool table and the vibe you want to create. Darker walls, such as deep reds or wood paneling, will create a formal ambiance with a dark wood pool table with deep red felt on the table. Warm beige walls work with any theme and style. 2 Arrange furniture around the room to provide comfortable seating for your guests without getting in the way of a game of pool. For example, a wet bar and stools could occupy the far side of the room, while tall, small round tables and stools can be situated in the corners around the room. Separate the game room into zones if it's large enough to house your pool table and other activities, such as comfortable seating, a large-screen TV or a poker table. Arrange the other zones away from the pool table to avoid injuries when people are playing. 4 Hang pictures, artwork, posters or other items on the wall to contribute to the style you want to create. A laid-back bar or pool hall-themed game room could include neon signs and novelty prints, such as the common artwork featuring dogs playing pool. 5 Include accessories in the room that complement the decor and make the room function. For example, hang a low light over the pool table, install pool stick racks on a wall near the pool table and wall sconces around the room for additional lighting. Add a jukebox for a bar and retro 1950s theme. 6 Repeat the colors of the pool table felt in other areas of the room, such as a wall border or curtains.