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Home > How to attract Garden Gnomes To your Garden
Some people consider garden gnomes to be an infestation akin to a plague of dandelions. A true gardener, however, understands that a garden adopted by a gnome - or a family of garden gnomes - is a garden that will thrive under any circumstance. If your garden is sadly bereft of garden gnomes, here is a step by step guide to attracting garden gnomes to your garden.


    • 1
      Garden gnomes like a little sweet disorder.

      Muss up your garden a bit. Garden gnomes seem to be most attracted to gardens that are not overly orderly. Let vines trail over the edges of walls, and make your garden paths a little bit crooked. Garden gnomes tend to shy away from anything that is too rigid.

    • 2
      Garden gnomes consider nuts to be a great delicacy.

      Plant ground cover under a nut tree. Any tree that drops nuts will do. Garden gnomes enjoy chestnuts, acorns, pine nuts and nearly any other kind of nut that you can imagine. If you're very lucky and your tree is a good nut producer, you may even be visited by colonies of gnomes on Gathering Day.

    • 3
    • Gnomes delight in drinking fermented or fresh nectar. Honeysuckle mead is a great favorite.

      Plant flowers that have sweet nectar. Garden gnomes like nothing better than sweet or fermented nectar. Honeysuckle mead is considered to be the original ambrosia - nectar of the gods. Choose flowers that attract hummingbirds, who share the gnome's delight for sweet nectar drinks.

    • 4

      Let a few weeds stray into your garden. Gnomes don't see dandelions and toadstools as garden interlopers. Instead, they are very desirable additions to the garden landscape. Toadstools make wonderful stools and tables, mushrooms provide a delicious delicacy and dandelion salad is a traditional meal at the Spring equinox, when the dandelion shoots are young and sweet.

    • 5

      Leave some toys around for the gnomes to play with. Garden gnomes are descended from a race of tinkerers. They like nothing better than to invent and find it hard to resist toys and tools. Make it a point to leave some interesting trinkets around. In no time, you'll find that gnomes have moved into your garden and are keeping it lively and interesting.