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Home > How to Buy Life-Sized Statues
If you'd like to truly make a statement in your home, a life-size statue will accomplish that for you. A life-size statue shows people that your home not only has the space to accommodate such a decorative item, but that you are bold enough to display it. Before you run out and buy the life-size statue that you like best, there are things to consider when incorporating it into your decor scheme.


    • 1

      Walk around your house and determine the best place for your statue. Some people might put it in a drawing room, others out in the garden. Note if the place you choose will expose the statue to the elements or direct sunlight, two factors that you need to consider when selecting the statue.

    • 2

      Measure the length of the space from floor to ceiling. Write down this figure. Measure the approximate width and depth that the space you've chosen can accommodate.

    • 3                                                                                             Write down how you want this statue to accentuate to your decor. For example, if you're choosing an authentic, life-size statue of the Buddha, then you might be trying to showcase your religious beliefs and cultural interests. If you just want to add some flavor of popular culture to your home in a loud manner, life-size statues of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra also might be appropriate.

    • 4

      Visit in person or online a reputable dealer of life-size statues that carry the type of statues in which you're interested. Peruse their selections and narrow your choices down to one to three possible statues. Ask what materials that statue consists of, and determine whether or not those materials are suitable for the place you plan on displaying the statue. For example, a statue made of plastic and nylon won't wear well in a garden, but a statue made of stone or plaster will.

    • 5

      Ask for a certificate of authenticity if you are purchasing a rare, collectible life-size statue or a life-size statue that is supposed to be an authentic antique or relic. Ask for a warranty in all cases. A life-size statue is likely to cost you around $1,000 or more, so you must protect your investment.