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The holiday season may bring a lot of commotion, but most of it is of a pleasant kind, due to the spirited holiday atmosphere and magic that always accompanies the New Year and Christmas. This time of year, most people are concerned with gift giving. Your family, friends and work colleagues are all expecting a holiday surprise from you, and you probably don‘t want to let them down. But what to give? This question may plague you as you mentally go over the list of friends, family and coworkers you need to buy gifts for. To pick an original and useful – or at least exciting – present for them all, you have to do a serious search in Kyiv‘s gift shops. To make your search easier, we‘ve researched the best places to go gift shopping in Kyiv.


Gifts Town

The underground shopping center Metrograd, stretching between metro Lva Tolstoho and Besarabska Ploshcha, is a gift-shopping haven, since it is filled with diverse specialty shops. You can find many of Metrograd‘s unique gift shops located in its Noviy Proyizd Kvartal (the New Passage Quarter).

There is a small store called Skvorechnik (Nestling Box), where you can find some lovely home accessories and handmade cards starting at Hr 15. Wow Shop City-Kviti boutique is advertised as a “freak gift shop.” However, that description is a bit misleading. The store is filled with artsy knick-knacks. It offers a wide selection of interior accessories from toys, figurines, pillows and picture frames to souvenirs plastered with the Playboy bunny logo. The store also sells larger, funky items, like interesting wall clocks (from Hr 746) and an antique-style CD-player for Hr 1,820.

In the Tobacco-Line shop, you can find presents for connoisseurs of fine tobaccos and alcohols. The store sells elegant pipes starting from Hr 70, tobacco, cognacs and wines, but if these items do not suit your taste, there are other classy gifts to choose from, like Zippo-lighters for Hr 135, Parker pens starting at Hr 130 or Victorinox Swiss knives starting at Hr 76.

In the midst of the stores lining Noviy Proyizd there are also several specialty stalls selling interesting items. You can buy an ultra-soft pillow—a gift with almost universal appeal—which comes in various colors and shapes, at one of these stalls, starting at Hr 99. There is also a stall for art lovers, selling prints of well-known artworks. You can find framed prints like Gustav Klimt‘s famous “Kiss,” for Hr 380.

Noviy Proyizd has several other stores to browse, including jewelry and accessory boutiques, as well as a store that sells oriental-style interior accessories. 

Metrograd has plenty of other areas to browse. In Kvartal Domashnyoho Zatyshku (Home Comfort Quarter) you can find a good selection of wicker home furnishings, such as baskets, vases and even a woven bicycle for Hr 2,900 at Birma shop. The Orient-Art shop just in front of Birma sells a huge assortment of exotic Asian and African goods, including chess sets, totemic figures and folk instruments, among others. An item that I seriously considered buying was a boomerang for Hr 30.

Metrograd (Ploshcha Lva Tolstoho, Besarabska Ploshcha)


Classy presents

Sia is an interior design store, where you can find things to festively decorate your own home with, as well as lovely gifts for friends. You can find festive items, like funny wooden Santas starting at Hr 156, snowman toys for Hr 83 and beautiful gift stockings for Hr 83.

Green Gallery can make you beautiful floral and plant arrangements. Here you can find amazing New Year‘s trees, wonderful cactuses and small plant arrangements, as well as a wide assortment of pretty trinkets to decorate them with. Consider white lace balls for your Christmas or New Year‘s tree for Hr 40. 

The Hallmark shop is a perfect place to buy your beloved a small and relatively cheap present. It is located in the center of Kyiv and easy to find in the Globus shopping mall. The shop is nicely designed with its walls painted in bright, jolly colors creating a festive mood for all its patrons. The counters, which are situated along the wall at the left of the entrance, are full of cards that will suit any taste or occasion. In the center of the shop there is a counter with photo frames, priced at about Hr 261. They sell lots of stuffed animals. With the Chinese “Year of the Pig” coming up, stuffed pigs reign the shelves. Fluffy pigs start from Hr 24. The biggest stuffed pig costs Hr 128. The Hallmark shop also includes a gift-wrapping section with a great assortment of bright boxes, packages and other gift-wrapping materials. In Presenta, located next to the Hallmark shop, you can find luxurious, unique collector‘s gifts, such as antique-style radio or CD players ranging in price from Hr 699 to Hr 2,590, or Faberge eggs ranging in price from Hr 64 to Hr 1,028.

The assortment at Svit Kylymiv (World of Carpets) shop consists of different goods from China and Vietnam. Here you can buy the perfect present for lovers of Eastern culture. The store is split into two rooms. The first room holds Chinese carpets, vases (Hr 150 to Hr 770) and straw-woven shelves (Hr 400 to Hr 500). In the second room there are wooden statuettes of Buddha (Hr 2,500), paintings from Vietnam and many other items. The shop assistant will kindly tell you about the origins of any of the store‘s goods.

If you want to buy someone a really exclusive present you should certainly visit Schaefer Boutique. The shop consists of two rooms which are full of traditional and completely unusual things, such as old-fashioned gramophone record players (140 euros to 300 euros) or huge rare clocks. There is also a big selection of statuettes, candlestick lamps and small but practical items, like egg holders and soft covers for wine bottles. In time for the Christmas and New Year, the store also sells festive decorations.

Sia (46A Khreshchatyk, 25 Sahaydachnoho, 537-1137).

Green Gallery (4 Baseyna, Mandarin Plaza, 230-9533). 

Hallmark (Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Globus(1st line, 2nd floor), 590-1845).

Presenta (Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Globus (1st line, 2nd floor).

Svit Kylymiv ((2 Pyrohova, 234-7143).

Schaefer Boutique (8 Druzhby Narodiv Bulvar, 531-9711).


Art deal

If you‘re searching for artistic presents or Ukrainian souvenirs, you should definitely visit Andriyivskiy Uzviz, a winding, old, cobblestone street where artists and craftsmen are known to sell beautiful Ukrainian arts and crafts. It is also host to the largest assembly of art galleries in Kyiv.

You can find souvenirs and crafts of all kinds here, running the gamut from books, old Soviet souvenirs and t-shirts, to matroshki dolls, embroidered tapestries and beautiful paintings. Don‘t hesitate to bargain before buying something: the real prices may be two times less than you are told in the beginning (especially if it‘s obvious that you are a foreigner). While the street is lined with art and souvenir stalls, you can as well go shopping in the numerous galleries situated along the street. The prices for artwork in the galleries are, of course, higher than the ones on the street. If you are looking for an antique gift, you should visit Kollektsioner (Collector) store. Among different antique items offered there are 70-year-old glass-holders made from nickel silver for Hr 50, 19th century theater posters for Hr 1,000 and 17th century maps – from Hr 2,500.

Honchari (Potters) is a good place to choose souvenirs made of clay. You‘ll see a lot of Hutsul ethnic ceramics and crafts made from black and red clay. Funny, colorful pigs for Hr 60 and other similar items could make great New Year‘s presents, seeing as it will be the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese calendar. Nice souvenirs and inexpensive paintings may be found at Tvorchist (Creative Work) or Dyvo (Wonder) stores.

Kollektsioner (2B Andriyivskiy uzviz, 425-0208).

Honchari (10A Andriyivskiy Uzviz).

Tvorchist (34A Andriyivskiy Uzviz, 278-3953).

Dyvo (30 Andriyivskiy Uzviz, 425-0161).


Going original

Globus store Soondook is dubbed “the shop of different gifts.” The assortment of this little and stylish shop consists of things which are basically useless, but may serve as a perfect present for someone with a sense of humor.

In Taboo you can find souvenirs and decorations coming mostly from South America. Latin music plays in all three rooms of the shop. Most of the items come to Ukraine from Peru, but about 10 percent are from Indonesia and Africa. You can also find hats made of bison leather (Hr 320 to Hr 550), Indian statuettes (Hr 120 to Hr 250), special teacups (Hr 70 to Hr 360), authentic Indian ponchos (Hr 570 to Hr 1,300) and special knives made of clay, llama‘s teeth and mountain goat horns. One of the most notable items of the shop is a Dreamcatcher (Hr 25 to Hr 500).

Patchi sells surprising and sweet chocolate gifts. It would be especially convenient for corporate gifting. The chocolatiers at Patchi make beautiful, edible chocolate creations. The average price for chocolate is Hr 35.5 per 100 grams.

Soondook (Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Globus trade center (1st line, 1st floor), 590-1879).

Taboo (52 Olesya Honchara, 455-9987).

Patchi (4 Baseyna, Mandarin Plaza, 230-9516).


Internet gifts

If you would rather shop online, Kyiv has several online gift websites. Most of the websites will take credit cards or cash and will deliver your present directly to the desired recipient.