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In mainland China and Hong Kong, the latest releases feature K9 crystal glass, manual faceting and two-tone laser engraving.

Suppliers of crystal figurines and crafts in mainland China and Hong Kong are enhancing the appearance of their designs by applying special decorative components and performing new techniques.

In the mainland, makers are enriching the visual appeal of products by incorporating special components such as diamonds, rosin and the branded polymer clay Fimo. One company combines these elements with recycled glass for a complex appearance.

To create elaborate models, Hong Kong suppliers are focusing on process improvements. One development in the line is two-tone laser engraving, which yields designs in white merged with red, yellow or orange.

Aside from using subsurface laser engraving or SSLE machines, some companies in Hong Kong are faceting and polishing products manually for more intricate details. A number of manufacturers carry out grinding and assembly by hand as well.

The majority of new models from both areas use K9 crystal glass, said to provide better transparency and refraction. This less-expensive alternative is considered to be lead-free but exhibits the same properties as regular material.

Some companies have launched figurines in colored crystal, including versions in red, blue, violet, yellow and green. Black is often applied to the bases of chessboards, trophies and large crafts.

Makers source most materials from the mainland. A number of suppliers also use imported Czech crystal, which has a higher lead content but costs five to eight times more than local materials.

Suppliers are offering models in a range of designs. These include figurines with floral and animal motifs.