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Home > exporting furniture to the Caribbean

Precision Woodworking has done it again. It has succeeded in establishing new markets in the Caribbean. Quality wooden products have always been in demand and it is a shame for Guyana to have only one quality oriented firm in Precision Woodworking showing those outside what dedication can achieve.

I congratulate the Bulkans on their achievement, they have maintained this record of excellence since Precision‘s inception. Guyana has the ability to create the best furniture in the world, it has the best lumber for both furniture and industrial uses. The Chinese buy the premium logs and create furniture for buyers in North America and elsewhere. The forestry industry in Guyana has been asleep for so long and very few people have shown any interest in achieving what Precision has done, they are satisfied in selling firewood and rough lumber.

The Caribbean countries buy lots of quality finished lumber from North America, kiln dried and quality dressed lumber is foreign to Guyanese. The lack of vision is evidenced in the closure of several sawmills. For several years the Bulkans and a few others have been talking about banning the export of prime furniture species, they can do only so much, the administrations, both past and present showed little interest in the timber industry, they were and are interested in fighting over bare bones. They lack enterprise and are not interested in listening to those in the know.

The late Capt. Fedna Stoll patented a process for Solar Dehydration which was /is applicable to lumber and foodstuff. I went with him to both administrations, PNC/PPP for assistance in promoting his patented process, we also visited Caricom. Nothing was ever achieved and a lot of time was wasted. Several leaders of industry were approached, they wanted the process for free. Sadly Fedna is no more and a process that could have transformed the landscape of Guyana was just a dream.