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Home > Art and new furniture

Students using the Friedman Study Center in the Sciences Library may notice a few aesthetic changes in the coming months.

Administrators, with the help of a student advisory group, hope to improve the space by adding more furniture and housing temporary art exhibits there.

Collectively known as the Friedman Advisory Board, these students and administrators began working together a few months ago to respond effectively to student needs regarding the library. "We want to make (the center) as good as possible," said Brian Becker ‘09, chair of the Undergraduate Council of Students‘ campus life committee.

"Thirty-four students came after the opening of the Friedman Center to tell us what they liked or disliked," said Florence Doksansky, associate University librarian and a member of the advisory group.

"We always talk to students first regarding changes to the center," she said. "We hope we‘re accommodating students‘ concerns and ideas."

The Friedman Center, which officially opened Jan. 25, is already popular with students.

"The colors are bright, the chairs are comfortable, I never have trouble finding a spot to sit, and it‘s nice having the snack bar," said Kimberly Dickinson ‘09.

"It‘s cozy," said Angela Pullen ‘07.

Though advisory board members were unsure of the exact number of students who use the Friedman Center each night, they have noticed that the number of card swiped at the SciLi has increased significantly since it opened. "The center is being heavily used," Becker said.

Some improvements to the study center have already been made since its opening. Twenty-two new computers were recently added to the mezzanine of the SciLi, along with more wingback chairs and footstools.

"We‘ve added more computers to the mezzanine, added more furniture and seating, plan to add artwork throughout the center and are looking for ways to improve the cafe center and extending cafe hours past 2 a.m.," Becker said.