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REDUCTION: The National Chamber of Handicrafts of Sri Lanka (NCHSL) says that its foreign sales have reduced by 60 per cent due to the decline in tourist arrivals to the country.

Chief Executive Officer NCHSL, A. C. Nawagamuwa told the Daily News that the main income of their members was generated through catering to foreign tourists and decline in tourist arrivals had a negative impact on the local handicrafts industry.

However, some industrialists have already switched to other industries due to the decline of sales. Some industrialists were unable to repay their loans too. Though the foreign sales declined the local sales remain the same, he said.

The NCHSL is now focusing on obtaining more solid foreign orders for handicrafts industrialists by participating in international exhibitions.

“At present, we are working on a project with the European Union for seeking potential buyers for local handicrafts in Europe,” he said.

President of the NCHSL M. Thilakarathne said that they expect to establish their new NCHSL branch in Galle to facilitate craftsmen in Galle. The new Galle branch will provide facilities such as access to capital, networking and finding markets for the handicrafts industrialists in the Galle district.

There is a large number of handicrafts industrialists in the Galle district engaging in lace, coir and batik products manufacturing, he said.

Plans have been made to open a dedicated handicrafts shop in Galle to facilitate these industrialists. At the initial stage, the NCHSL is targeting 100 members from their Galle branch. This was initiated by the P. Rechmann, Project Director of the Chamber Development Project and the FCCISL.

Meanwhile, NCHSL has made arrangements to organise a handicrafts exhibition in Kandy targeting foreigners who come to Sri Lanka during the Perahera season.