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Home > Banned pub road sign to be reviewed

Highways Agency is reviewing its decision to ban a sign that may encourage drink-driving

A pub ordered to remove its road sign because it may encourage drink-driving is to have the decision reviewed.

Two weeks ago The Publican reported that the Black Dog in Chilmark was asked to remove its road sign by Wiltshire County Council on the advice of the Highways Agency.

The Highways Agency is now reviewing the situation and is expected to make a decision on the future of the sign by the end of the month.


The Agency‘s Network Planning manager Jacqui Ashman originally said the sign could encourage drink driving. But in a letter to Charles Bartholomew, chairman of the pub‘s owner Wadworth, she backtracked.

"I accept that my letter could be misconstrued and I at no time intended to imply that the signing of public houses will lead to an increase in drink driving. As you correctly point out the decision to drink and drive is a personal one and not directly the responsibility of the publican or business."

Bartholomew had originally written to raise his concern at the decision.