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To achieve a 60-90+ point run in snooker, set-up the red rack and try to keep the cue ball in the lower end of the table and just go for the black ball each time.

White ball is near corner pocket and an object ball over opposite pocket, but no clear view. Hit white ball at centre aiming for the cushion just past the centre pocket. Practice this shot with no balls on the table until you have mastered the angle.

Raise butt of the cue, play a short sharp shot, squeezing the white ball between the tip of the cue and the table. Take care as you are aiming the cue at the table and could damage the cloth.

GET OUT OF JAIL SHOT (up and over)
You‘re surrounded with no means of escape. Or are you? Play white ball at 12 o‘clock. The top spin will cause the white ball to jump off the cushion. Be sure to move cue away from the path of the white ball.

2 balls on pockets at both ends of the table. Place white ball on the right side of the ‘D". Hit the white ball at pace at 2 o‘clock with a smooth follow through.

As played by Jack in STICKMEN - Your ball is on the cushion near the centre pocket with your object ball over the hole but your opponent‘s ball in the way: Shorten your grip at the butt end of the cue, play down on the white ball with a sort sharp shot aiming at 7 o‘clock. Take care as this shot can damage the cloth.

Your Game Needs a Face Lift
Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. What is the secret? I am traveling across the country this spring, visiting many US cities. I will be sharing these secrets and more on the Secrets Revealed Tour. The secret to success is painful demanding practice and hard work.