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As valentine‘s day is nearing, surprise your partner with the color red for your home decor. Passion, fertility, anger, blood and energy, these words cannot be expressed better than the color red. It is important to know how to use red for home decor as over usage may look very gaudy and alarming. For Chinese, the color red is a sign of happiness and good luck. Know how use to use the "good luck" color with the red for home decor tips and suggestions.

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Red For Home Decor Tips -

1.Red has the power of highlighting hidden corners and can bring life to the dull and boring walls. So use the color in the place which you want to highlight neutralizing with soft colors like Blue and Grey.

2.Painting red is not the only solution to introduce the energy color into your room. You can add red instantly with a bouquet of flowers, light fixtures, vases, cushions etc.

3.Red is said to stimulate appetite so you can paint red on walls of your dining room or can even have red table cloth on dining tables can bring a warm, inviting and a powerful effect.

4.Red can also be used in Kitchen, choose a more darker (reddish brown) shade for your kitchen for the most natural look.

5.Red is the color of love and romance so you use red even in your bedrooms with a combination of pink or white can never go out of trend.

6.For those who do not like too many colors, the color can be used in the form of accessories like any red piece of art or a red lamp shade can add to the soft look.

Try these red for home decor tips and surprise your partner this valentine‘s day by beautifying your house with the color. Also do get warmth, energy and luck for yourself and your partner.