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Home > Village anger at ‘Queen‘ pub sign

pub sign which depicts "the Queen" with a tattoo has provoked an angry response from some villagers in rural Northumberland.

The cartoon-style image hangs outside the newly-refurbished Queen‘s Arms pub in Acomb, near Hexham.

Acomb Parish Council chairman Major Charles Enderby described the sign as "most distasteful and inappropriate".

But owner David Crawford-Emery claimed the image was based on his mother, who he said "looked like the Queen".

The sign shows a woman resembling the Queen smiling, with what appears to be Buckingham Palace in the background, her arms folded with a tattoo of the name Phil on one of them.

Northumberland County Council has admitted a number of complaints have been made about the sign.

But a spokesman said that as it replaced an existing sign, planning consent was not required.

Mr Crawford-Emery, who commissioned the sign, said: "I wanted something that said at a glance that it was something just a little bit different.

‘Wonderful monarch‘

"There is a remarkable similarity to the Queen, but then my mum looked like her. She was born in the same year and brought up in the same generation.

"It‘s just a cartoon. It‘s not a photograph of anybody.

"All the reaction we have had in the pub has been positive."

Maj Enderby, who is former member of the Queen‘s ceremonial guard, said: "I think this is inappropriate for a village like Acomb and indeed inappropriate anywhere.

"The Queen is our monarch and a wonderful monarch and to have something so undignified I find difficult to take.

"A woman with bare arms and tattoos has nothing to do with the Queen. She is the most dignified of people and this is not a dignified portrayal of her.

"A number of people have been on to the parish council and they have been very upset indeed."

Buckingham Palace said it would not comment.