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Home > ELLE DECO CAFE Design Cafe appeared designed Shanghai Exhibition

Shanghai February 27, 2014 / Xinhua-PRNewswire / - Today, at the Shanghai exhibition design, the tenth anniversary of the founding of China's most influential home design magazine "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" Introducing "ELLEDECO CAFE Design Cafe . " The art of spatial arrangement, which will integrate the magazine from the 10 years since the founding of experience, to show "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" fashion forward design aesthetic attitude and taste, whether it is through the interaction of high-dimensional cylindrical take pictures; or in white mug write to the "home Gallery" blessing, integrated digital wall coffee; Or sit at the bar coffee taste mellow, visitors to the exhibition can be arranged in close contact, feel the home design brings the beauty of art.

Design Shanghai (DesignShanghai) as the biggest ever China International Fair of original designs, will hold a four-day exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, more than 150 world-renowned art and design brands gathered in Shanghai, of which 90% of the brand for the first time in China . As one of the participants in the exhibition, "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" together with some local designers to create a unique style of design café. Ava red seats and scenes to create a warm atmosphere, simple, cozy sofas and chairs Fusion has added a Nordic style, with fragrant coffee, ELLE DECO CAFE designed Shanghai Exhibition presented to the audience is not the same elegant life. Here you can taste not only the aroma of coffee and the freshest O2O model, more extreme visual and tactile experience, feel the beauty of art and design in the high-end lifestyle atmosphere.


The ELLE DECO CAFE is especially to meet the "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" Chinese version of the tenth anniversary of the carefully crafted. "1-0" Ten numbers represent "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" From the start publication has gone through a decade away, we always stand in the forefront of fashion trends at home, lead the reader to grow. "1-0" from the time point of view is a longitudinal, but ELLE DECO CAFE hope these ten numbers can be arranged transversely, which represents 10 years of compressed within the 120 square meters of exhibition space, a comprehensive picture of "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery "ideals and attitudes. The platform extending from the plane to the electronic media, the magazine has experienced in decades turned upside down. Compare these changes, we hope that every person entering ELLEDECO CAFE can feel the magic of time. Ten years time flies, "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" witnessed and experienced the Chinese home and design industry to flourish from the bud of the development process, has been committed to building became explore, cultivate outstanding domestic designers platform for them to be seen, to be understand, it is accepted.

In the afternoon, "DECO take you to see the design" campaign, "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" from ELLEDECO Designer Club invited 30 designers represented by the two editors DECO guide, tutorials, visit the Shanghai exhibition design. At the same time, "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" specially selected from all eight participating brands can not miss the brand as "DECO choice" and leave "ELLE DECO PICK" eye-catching signs on the stand, the representatives of the professional magazine Tell visitors view the site.


If we could measure page paper, the thickness of nearly 120 magazine superimposed time, is full of rich and profound traces. In 2004, we ELLE DECORATION into China began "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" for the Chinese people's journey home dreaming. Now, in 2014, a landmark from the Shanghai Design Shanghai, to Paris It's shanghai time Shanghai Urban Design Exhibition, to the annual Milan Home Show, "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" figure always active "and designed to live together, "the stage to accompany the reader around.