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Home > "East --ELLE DECORATION oriental aesthetics interactive exhibition" appearance "Design Shanghai"

Shanghai March 9, 2016 / Xinhua-PRNewswire / --2016 Design Shanghai opened today, the most influential and home design class lifestyle media platform "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" "Oriental Oriental Aesthetic" as the theme, DEDECATES oriental aesthetics interactive exhibition. "ELLE DECORATION House Gallery" The domestic work focused on new media art production and curatorial team "What's Media Lab Media Lab nothing", once again launched a strong way to break the traditional audience to experience an interactive exhibition. The display of sound, light, electricity and integration around the wall, creating a set of lights, video, installation and surround sound in one immersive multimedia experience space.

Oriental aesthetics immersive multimedia experience enclosed space "BOX" concept render Eastern aesthetics, it is based on a virtual all-round performance art audio-visual interaction space projects. Design and creative mind, in that very oriental aesthetic design interactive content and new models immersive experience combined with more possibilities. 4 m Kampf annular wall screen as an unfolding landscape volumes, dynamic presentation oriental aesthetics genes, become the highlight of the entire space, interactive multimedia visual presentation of the entire show more subversive and have a new experience in visual terms. In this quiet enclosed space, the audience can follow the light "annular wall screen" on, to enjoy the oriental design aesthetics in the "emptiness", "small in the big," "quiet apartment in action" and so on ten key words.


In addition, the introduction of the same period of home design works exhibition, audio-visual area audio-visual, performing interactive exhibition area, designed cafes, colorful oriental aesthetics bring interactive exhibition all-round experience. Oriental aesthetics works pavilion carefully selected twenty very oriental aesthetic charm of home design works, with minimalist white background contrasting works within the Oriental aesthetic design unique feelings; audio visual area more specifically recommend full of oriental poetic music, videos in this area presented by the Natuzzi Italy's largest furniture manufacturer NATUZZI, with the German high-end luxury audio brand Avantgarde acoustic, together the world's top projector brand Vivitek Vivitek, bring extraordinary new audio visual experience for the person experience; design cafe is "ELLE DECORATION home Gallery" and W + S Blessed home Art Gallery jointly launched, white and translucent materials-based color matching, the design reflects the temperament ethereal, light and reveals and free elements, as we bring from the tip of the tongue to the field of vision, always subtle sensory experience; interactive display area and is respected "de style" of the whole household brand Tao jointly curated show full of oriental charm of visual display, echoing " Oriental gene "contains" harmonious communion "aesthetic spirit, to convey the simple, peaceful, balanced life philosophy. #DECO Take you to see the exhibition design # passport debut, the design of friends interested in contemporary design museum E2-38 "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" Design Hall W2-88 Booth or classic German Villeroy & Boch booth after receiving a passport, either in the shortest time the most straight exhibition not to be missed eight booths design work, but also to collect different amounts of redemption seal provided by the German Villeroy & Boch, Fu Yi-rich gifts home, so that we truly Fun " design of Shanghai. "
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As Asia's top international design event, the exhibition at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, will last until March 12. "ELLE DECORATION Home Gallery" will be in excellent Dagu Road No. 190 held "East Gathering" at the 11th party design sets to "Tea, Flowers fragrant of Music" as the theme to celebrate the show come to an end.