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Home > Jane marble tiles commercials "high-end decoration articles" landed CCTV It has 17

It finally comes out! 2016 GANI MARBLE TILES new ad (Luxury Decoration Series) made a debut on CCTV-1 and CCTV -13 on 1st March.

Dedicated to providing marble tiles for people in pursuit of quality life, GANI MARBLE TILES keeps leading and promoting the trends of marble application in home decoration, satisfying needs in luxury decoration. 2016 GANI new ad—Luxury Decoration Series which is released on CCTV delivers clearly the message that GANI MARBLE TILES for Luxury Decoration to Chinese audience.

2016 is the 1st year of Chinese 13th Five Year Plan which proposes that by 2020, China’s GDP and per capital income of urban and rural residents double those of 2010, a beautiful blueprint for Chinese economy.

The consumption habits have changed a lot with the changes of global trends and economic environment. Nowadays, needs for harmonious and comfortable home decoration especially luxury decoration are rising among consumers.

On 18th Nov 2015, GANI Won the Bidding for Prime-time Ad on CCTV

As an outstanding Chinese brand, GANI MARBLE TILES gives a good interpretation of the luxury decorative effect through its ad on CCTV, an authoritative platform. GANI’s ad which clearly delivers the message that GANI MARBLE TILES for Luxury Decoration is also the bridge for communication between GANI and its consumers.