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Home > The Large-scale Mall of Home Accessories in Shenzhen

For home accessories in China, look to Shenzhen for home decoration in Shenzhen, look to the Yizhan Center

The Yizhan Center under Manjinghua Group, founded in 2000, is the first large-scale professional mall of home accessories in China and the frontrunner of home accessories industry in China. It advocates the international cultural ideas of home furnishing, highlights fashion sense and elegance, leads the artistic trends of home lifestyle, connects the originality, the public and the life into the theme of consumption, and shows the aesthetics on the platform of consumption.

The Yizhan Center is composed by the first phase, the second phase and the third phase projects which are closely connected, with construction area of 160,000 square meters, collecting more than 1,500 well-known home accessories brands of middle and high-end at home and abroad, including over hundreds of thousands of diverse product portfolios, such as home accessories, craft gifts, classic lighting, textile fabrics, porcelain and red stoneware, glass and crystal, floriculture and iron art works, hotel supplies, painting, calligraphy and embroidery, classical mahogany, Chinese home furnishing, high-end collectibles, etc., which is a dazzling collection of beautiful exhibits with everything one desires. 

The products cover various types of business in home accessories and soft decoration industry, meet the needs of different lifestyles and home culture and styles, and truly realize the dream of consumer’ one-stop shopping of home accessories, The Yizhan Center is not only the preferred procurement base of home accessories in China, but also the birthplace and weathervane of fashion trend.