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Home > Home decoration goes DIY and online in China

Asked about the range of his do-it-yourself platform for home decor products and services, Chen Zaochun, president and chief executive of BDHOME, said, "Living area, dining area, bedrooms, study, decoration, art, lighting, carpeting, curtains, textile, you name it."

  Chen has been working in the housing sector for more than two decades. He is now eyeing the omnichannel of innovative home decoration and furnishing.

It is a 4-trillion-yuan ($620.4-billion) market, a cake "too huge to be ignored".

By launching a platform using Dassault Systèmes' technologies in transformative digital solutions, BDHOME's DIY platform aims to provide 3D technologies that can recreate a physical showroom experience online.

  China's home decoration market is making efforts to use Internet technologies to move offline showrooms online, and create one-stop solutions for design and purchase of products and services for home decor.

  Online showrooms are virtual meeting points for consumers, designers, constructors and product suppliers. More than 50 Internet-based home decoration platforms were established by 2015.

  And more than 35 have received funding from venture capitalists, according to a research report by the Beijing-based SOOTOO Research Institute, which focuses on online markets.

  The report polled more than 1,000 consumers across China. More than 60 percent of them said they are willing to use Internet-based platforms to purchase products and services for home decor.